Thu October 18, 2018
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December 8, 2017



Temuri is back! Can he bring relief?

Islamabad: He returns to Islamabad after a long gap. And this time he has been handed over the reins to tame a city that has gone wild over the last decade and is still getting wilder.
Sultan Azam Temuri has been appointed the new Inspector-General of Police for Islamabad, the Federal Capital of the country. The last time he was on active duty in Islamabad, he practically transformed the unruly and chaotic traffic of the federal capital into very disciplined and civilised system.
Being the Senior Superintendent of traffic police in Islamabad back in 2005 / 2006 and 2009 / 2010, Sultan Azam Temuri laid the foundation of the ‘model’ ‘Islamabad Traffic Police’. First of all he changed their uniforms. And then he transformed the persons in the uniforms, simply employing stringent level of professionalism and strict discipline.
He introduced driving licence of international standard and upgraded traffic rules including fastening seat belt and prohibited use of mobile phone during driving.
He also put in place a ‘reward and award’ system through which the good work was acknowledged loud and clear, coaxing others to follow the suit! It was in his times as the head of ITP that even the ministers and the parliamentarians were booked by the ITP constables for traffic rules violations!
The impact he created back in time, though has softened a little bit now, could still be observed if one may spend a few minutes at Faizabad to watch the motorists and motorcyclists hurriedly fastening their seat belts and donning helmets as soon as they enter the limits of Islamabad from Rawalpindi!
And the thing which made him popular amongst his colleagues and particularly amongst his subordinates has been that he always presented himself as the role model and led his men from the front. But, on the other hand, these qualities made him not very ‘trustworthy’ in the eyes of the rulers, thus he was kept mostly at the low-key positions for quite some

Probably, it is his reputation of being a strict disciplinarian, a brave commander and his experience as the Deputy Inspector General (Operations) in Islamabad that has convinced the decision makers to hand over the seat, which is getting hotter and hotter by each passing day.
After the extremely poor performance of Islamabad Police during the 21-day siege of the federal capital by the leaders and activists of ‘Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allal’ (TLYR), some heads were due to roll.
It was clearly because of lack of coordination, inept anticipation of the situation and extremely bad manoeuvre on part of spine-less top brass of Islamabad Police that caused unbelievable inconveniences to millions of people. Not only the daily life routine got disrupted and those more than 21 days were traumatic for public but the situation also exposed the timidity of police and smeared its image.
It was the time when a lot was expected out of the former IG, Khalid Khattak, who had held very important positions in Islamabad for a very long time now. But he miserably failed to command his force when he was supposed to deliver.
While his men and his officers were spending days and nights out there in the open, getting demoralised with each passing hour and the day, the IG Khalid Khattak remained completely invisible.
And after he acted on the directions of the court to end the siege of Islamabad, the operation was so poorly planned and so half-heartedly executed that it made the Islamabad Police a laughing stock! Being the Inspector-General of the force, he was supposed to take the full brunt of all these failures, but apparently, he tried to survive in office.
Now, we believe it is after a long time, that an officer of good repute is taking over the office in Islamabad. He had done quite well in Multan and Gujranwala as Regional Police Officer (RPO) before coming to Islamabad and we hope that he will not disappoint the people of Islamabad and especially his own force!
So far he had enjoyed the reputation of being a strict disciplinarian, a brave commander leading from the front, who presents himself as the role model, who is kind and sympathetic, daring to conceive and accept new ideas and put those to practice and has zero tolerance towards corruption.
But what he needs to understand is that he would be under constant scrutiny, not only by his bosses, but by the media more minutely! He himself must be aware of the one flaw in his personality that sometimes he lets some people get close to him or go soft on them whom he should keep a distance with. So, you are ‘welcome back’ but people have hopes pinned on you!