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Tue, 12, 18

When it comes to entertaining kids in Karachi, it is rare to find activities which are both.....


When it comes to entertaining kids in Karachi, it is rare to find activities which are both -productive and adventurous. Parents usually run out of ideas when they have to do any outdoor activity with their children or even go for a hangout. With a need of recreational activities for kids and their amusement, a lot of outlets have been thinking and coming out with ideas in order to engage children coming from all backgrounds. And, what place can be better than a mall to have fun times which are more accessible too.

Keeping this in mind, Dolmen Malls commenced a one of its kind Universal Children’s Day event recently, with fun and knowledgeable activities for kids and their families. Multiple activities were arranged across all its key locations in the city; Clifton, Tariq Road and Hyderi. The mall along with some of the most popular brand partners were giving families and loved ones more than a few reasons to come; a variety of discounts on children’s clothing and accessories, a good selection of school supplies provided by UHU and Faber Castell, presence of the country’s most coveted book stores and of course Sindbad Xtreme and Sindbad’s Wonderland specially bundled deals!

This year, the mall also promoted art and talent on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day. During this five day event, children were engaged in numerous competitions, quizzes, and creative challenges involving arts and crafts. Under the initiative of Dolmen Cares, a fun-filled and educational activity was also organised, whereby children from PINGU English School were dressed in their aspired future careers.

Additionally, a special Children’s Day Bazaar was offering a unique variety of gifting options through pop up stalls. Moreover, fancy balloon art and activities aimed to engage children and their parents alike.

On this occasion, General Manager of the mall, Naureen Khan said, “We have been a part of our customer journey from infants, children, and teenagers to adults at various stages of life. We love to see the generations come together, especially now when so many customers come with their children to relive their childhood. Our mall takes pride in being an integral part of each household, celebrating love and togetherness time and again.”

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