Gohar Rasheed

November 28, 2017
By Nida Raza

From theatre, to dramas, to films, Gohar Rasheed has made his place slowly and gradually in the showbiz industry.

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From theatre, to dramas, to films, Gohar Rasheed has made his place slowly and gradually in the showbiz industry. He attended Government College University, Lahore and went on to receive his undergraduate degree with majors in theatre, film, television and minors in journalism from Beaconhouse National University.

Rasheed started his career from theatre in 2008 with ‘Bombay Dreams’, directed by Shah Sharabeel. He started his TV acting career with drama serial ‘Shikwa’, however, his drama ‘Digest Writer’ led him to stardom. In ‘Mann Mayal’ he impressed the viewers with his powerful performance. His film credits includes ‘Seedlings’ and ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’, ‘O21’, ‘Yalghaar’ that earned him a wide spread acclaim. Rasheed was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the movie ‘Seedlings’ at 2012, New York Film Festival. Not only that, Rasheed has been an active RJ at Radio1 FM91 in Karachi Station. According to Rasheed, it was sheer luck that he entered the showbiz industry and his dedication and hard work made it possible for him to achieve this celebrity status.

Currently, Rasheed is busy in promoting his upcoming film ‘Rangreza’ in which he will be seen in a prominent role. The movie is set to release on 22 December. Let’s see what are the likes & dislikes of our charming hero...

  • What are your most memorable drama serials to-date?

‘Mann Mayal’ and ‘Digest Writer’

  • Is acting your passion or a way of making money?

I respect my craft. I only work in selected dramas. So it’s definitely my passion

  • Your favourite designer:

Muneeb Nawaz

  • Your favourite photographer:

Abdul Haris

  • What do you usually wear in daily life?

Track pants and T-shirt, pyjamas. In short, something comfy

  • What is one product you cannot do without?


  • When stepping out, do you wear sun screen?


  • Your idea of romance...

To love and to be loved

  • One thing you like best about yourself...


  • Which designer’s clothes do you love wearing?

Munib Nawaz 

  • You like girls who are...

Girls who don’t pretend

  • Your favourite co-star:

Saba Qamar, Nadia Jameel

  • Your most irritating habit:

Trusting people a lot

  • You don’t like people who are...

Social climbers. People who are manipulators

  • You always feel happy in the company of...

Genuine people

  • You are afraid of...

Losing my loved ones

  • Happiness is...

Eating home cooked food with mom

  • Your most valuable possession:

My relationships

  • What’s your favourite    restaurant?

None. I prefer home cooked food

  • Your all time favourite movie:

‘Scent of a Woman’

  • What bores you the most...

If I have nothing to do

  • Are you a shopaholic?


  • When feeling low you prefer:

Listening to music, watching a movie or talking to a friend

  • You are crazy about...

My work

  • Among your friends you are known as...

The crazy one

  • Are you a social person or a loner?

Bit of both

  • How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Laze around in my shorts

  • Your fitness regimen:

Eating healthy

  • Your favourite exercise...
  • The best gift you have ever received?

Genuine love from my friends

  • The best thing that’s been said about you...

I don’t take compliments too seriously

  • Your favourite breakfast?

Anything homemade like ‘anda paratha’

  • The biggest misconception about you...

That I am rude

  • Your advice to someone who wants to become an actor?

Just be persistent. You don’t become famous in a day, so don’t get frustrated. Dream big and work hard

  • The best thing about your job?

That you get to experience different shades of emotions

  • If you weren’t doing what you are doing today you’d be