Requisites for CA exams

By Fajar Butt
Fri, 11, 18

Chartered Accountancy is considered to be one of the most challenging degree programmes offered in Pakistan.....


Chartered Accountancy is considered to be one of the most challenging degree programmes offered in Pakistan. A CA student has to clear a total of 21 papers in 5.5 years’ time inclusive of a training period of 3.5 years.

It is very important for a CA student to pass these exams in minimum possible time. For that, they are advised by their mentors and senior CA gurus to study for at least six hours daily and about 18 hours during exam leaves. Studying for exam leaves is nothing less than a bitter syrup to be gulped at regular intervals during a day. But how bitter it can be, is in students’ own hands. They are mostly told to cut on all sorts of communication with friends, abandon watching their favourite TV shows, if there’s an important cricket tournament going on including the World Cup as well, say goodbye, deactivate all social media accounts, cease all other humanly activities and just focus on their preparation.

Practically, if they follow the above mantra, they will never ever be able to study with focus, no matter how hard they try.

Here, I have a list of nine such requisites for students to consider while preparing for their exams:

1) When you start preparation of your exams during exam leaves, update your WhatsApp status daily.

Let it be a picture of your messy writing table or a motivating saying. It takes less than five minutes to update your WhatsApp status and believe me it really works. It keeps you motivated from inside for the next 24 hours as long as it remains there.

2) Never deactivate your social media accounts. If you do this, although you’re restricting yourself from using them and “wasting your time” somewhere deeper inside you, you’re still thinking of activities missed and how you’ll update your profile after exams.

Honestly speaking, thinking about all that stuff wastes our time, too. So why not take 15 minutes every day to swipe through your newsfeed, tweet about stuff that matters and then start studying when you’re a bit satisfied and able to come up with the required focus.

3) Always study with your mobile phone on, but make yourself mentally strong enough not to check every notification which makes your phone vibrate. Do answer queries from friends, discuss your progress with them, take help from them or even take guidance from mentors and online resources.

4) Be different. Never study in your room locked.

Keep the door shut but unlocked. Let kids in the house come to you while you are studying.

Take a 15 minutes’ nap and talk to them. Talking to kids comes with a magic which keeps you positive. It will increase your productivity and make you perform better in the nextone hour.

5) Keep your favourite eatables and snacks handy. Take tea/coffee/coke without worrying about diet or acne problems. Certain snacks will energise your mind and you would be able to do well with your preparation.

However after exams you can make up for any losses caused to your ‘beautiful me’ by redefining your diet.

6) Colourful stick notes always do wonders for CA students, no matter how childish it may actually sound.

Use them to write rules, formulae, points to remember or even some motivating quotes and song lyrics and stick them all around - on your books and notebooks, bed-side table, walls of your room or even on the door of your bedroom.

7) Always arrange your wardrobe and cupboards one month before the exams so that the irritating task to arrange them does not trouble you while studying.

Nearly 90 percent of students are distracted by thoughts of arranging their closets while studying. However, when it’s already done there is nothing to worry you while studying and you can ultimately study in peace.

8) Never stop going out. Going on a 30-minute morning walk or accompanying Ammi for grocery shopping - which could take two hours - can refresh you and make you more focused when you resume your studies.

9) Last, but most important. Never isolate yourself. Prefer having dinner with family rather than eating alone in your room with your books open.

Talk to your siblings. Listen to their ‘how was my day’ stories’. Never shout at your younger brothers and sisters making them a victim of your exam stress.

Be nice to them.

I know that the above requisites sound more superficial than real, but can really works. A motivated mind is 99.9 percent more productive and focused than a tired mind.

CA students need to be more enthusiastic and motivated during their exam preparation and above techniques will definitely help them prepare better in their exam leaves without falling prey to exam stress and frustration.