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Fri, 11, 18

I opened Us in anticipation of reading Hackschool’s new episode, but you can imagine my disappointment.....


Hey Ed,

I opened Us in anticipation of reading Hackschool’s new episode, but you can imagine my disappointment when I didn’t find it.

However, I liked the cover story “Sign, engage, include” by Shermeen Zuberi. I have read plenty of articles on differently able people but never so enlightening! I wish JS Academy and other institutions well, and hope that they continue to get the funds they need. I am planning to volunteer this summer; I cannot help with money, but I hope I can help in other ways.

Birjees Sohail, Karachi

Hi Ed,

I was abroad since past three months, but I followed Us online. I am not much of a write, but decided to make an effort after reading “A gentleman’s agreement” by Saniyah Eman. It was a great story and I loved the ending. I was almost afraid that Ghazni would shoot Sethi, and was glad when he didn’t. Too much reality can be unbearable when we need to believe in humanity.

The cover story “Runway Radio” (September 14) by Neha Panjwani was also interesting; a great effort indeed by Dr Anzar and his enterprising students.

Way to go, Us

Ansar Ahmed, Lahore

Hi Editor,

I loved Sameen Amer’s cover story “Guess who” (26 Oct). Most of the stars looked very cute in the pics but I think the offspring of two living legends, Ali Kazmi, looked the cutest!

Would love to see more stuff on our very own celebs in future, too. Keep it coming, Sameen. By the way, I agree with this statement in the byline: “This smiling child has grown up to become the bestest, most awesomest writer ever in the whole entire universe”.

Faiza Butt, Lahore

Dear Ed,

In the issue of 26 October, the two articles on mental health (Taking care of your mental health by Farah Tiwana and Out of the shell of depression by Laiba Muhammad Aamir) caught my eye.

I don’t think most of your readers bothered to read them, but I feel not even young people but also their parents should read about depression and mental health.

Our youth may be very talented, but they are super frustrated also, and their parents don’t help them overcome their problems because they are not aware what their children have to contend with. So, my request to readers is to make their parents read about depression and talk to them about it as well. Take it from one who has suffered.



Narrated by Umar bin Al-Khattab (R.A)

Some Sabi (i.e. war prisoners, children and woman only) were brought before the Prophet (S.A.W) and behold, a woman amongst them was milking her breasts to feed and whenever she found a child amongst the captives, she took it over her chest and nursed it (she had lost her child but later she found him) the Prophet said to us, “Do you think that this lady can throw her son in the fire?” We replied, “No, if she has the power not to throw it (in the fire).” The Prophet then said, “Allah is more merciful to His slaves than this lady to her son.”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 73, Number 28

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