October 5, 2018
By US Desk

“A gentleman’s agreement” by Sanniyah Eman is going really well. The thing I like most about it....


Hey Ed,

“A gentleman’s agreement” by Sanniyah Eman is going really well. The thing I like most about it is that although its background is the independence of Pakistan and India, without being graphic she makes us realise how people on our side of the border behaved too. Reading textbooks, I had the feelings that only the Hindus perpetrated violence on unarmed Muslims but later on I realised what actually happened after reading accounts of balanced writers. Great job, Sanniyah! Keep it up, Us!

Raza Hashmi, Lahore

Hi Ed,

I have always liked Sameen Amer’s stories. She is a versatile writer and her yearender cover stories are really outstanding. But the way she is doing “Quiz Whiz” is just wonderful. Learning so many things in a fun way is awesome! And her topics are way too good. She is the best, Ed!

Faisal Hassan Khan, Multan

Hey Editor,

I have been following the art work on back cover for some time and the talent our young folks never fails to amaze me. I want our government to create a scholarship for the deserving emerging young artists. Paint material is very expensive and I know a couple of very gifted artists who sell their work to rich people who pass the paintings as their own works. There should be a programme to hunt and nurture artist.

Bareera Ahson, Karachi

Hello Ed,

A very thought provoking cover story this week (28 September) by Unsa Athar! I had this wrong idea that doctors lose their humanity because they become desensitised; they watch people in pain all the time, so I don’t imply any criticism. However, Unsa’s account clearly shows how wrong most people’s perception about doctors is. Plus, it’s a very sensitive topic that she has tackled. Most people are frightened of transgender people and I admit to cringing at their approach at traffic signal when they come to ask for money. I will try to moderate my thinking. Thanks a lot for making us all realise the absurdity of our behaviour.

Bahzad Sultan, Karachi

Just a suggestion

Dear Team Us,

I think as representatives of the young people of Pakistan, you should focus on things ailing their minds. There is too much depression and anxiety around as things are very competitive. Our kids need to be mentally strong to combat depression. So many youngsters become drug addicts when they fail to achieve the goals set by their parents for them. Instead of helping them, their parents make the situation worse by berating them. To cope with the pressure on them, young people need guidance and you are qualified to provide it. Just a suggestion, Team Us.

Zahida Ahmad

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