December 8, 2017
By US Desk

Your magazine is quite informative. Some articles really helped me solve problems I face in my studies.


Dear Editor,

Your magazine is quite informative. Some articles really helped me solve problems I face in my studies. Even the comic strips on page 15 are very funny. Your magazine is the best magazine in my opinion.

Amna Naveed, Karachi

Hello Editor,

Muhammad Arshad is truly an inspiring figure! Really enjoyed reading the cover story Muhammad Arshad: a person, an institution (Dec 3).

Sometimes, we are so engrossed and lost in our own worlds that we don’t notice the good things around us. We do say we want to help others, give back to the society and make this world a better place but we are never able to figure out how we can do that. As a yoga teacher, Muhammad Arshad can earn a lot, but here money is not his goal; for him what matters is people’s health and happiness. Not just free yoga classes, he is also performing the herculean task of educating hundreds of children in his school in an area where “children sleep hungry”. The most striking thing is Muhammad Arshad doesn’t take donations and runs the school by himself; he buys books for the students, pays salaries to the teachers and takes care of the maintenance of the school as well. Now, I am also thinking of giving free Maths tuition to children in my neighbourhood.

So, how many of us are ready to sacrifice our time and energy to help others learn and prosper in life - for free?

Bilal Hussain, Karachi

Dear all,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Annual Story Competition ’17. And now, we have our three winners.

“The last laugh” by Adil Ali gets the Us Gold prize. Adil has creatively and efficiently moulded a powerful message in an intriguing plot. Students should never let their grades define them and in order to live a happy and fulfilling life you have to do what you love.

Securing the Us Silver prize, Maham Syedain beautifully narrated the struggles of a girl suffering from Psoriasis and how she learned to be comfortable in her own skin.

The Us Bronze prize goes to Arooha Arif. She was able to build tension that kept our judges engaged from beginning till end.

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Till next time,

Allah Hafiz


Narrated by Ibn Umar (R.A)

When the Muslims arrived at Medina, they used to assemble for the prayer, and used to guess the time for it. During those days, the practice of Adhan for the prayers had not been introduced yet. Once they discussed this problem regarding the call for prayer. Some people suggested the use of a bell like the Christians, others proposed a trumpet like the horn used by the Jews, but Umar was the first to suggest that a man should call (the people) for the prayer; so Allah’s Apostle (S.A.W) ordered Bilal to get up and pronounce the Adhan for prayers.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 11, Number 578


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